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Community Feedback Survey Results

  • Hello Kaseya Community,

    Thank you for submitting your ideas for improvements to the Kaseya Community. We've reviewed the suggestions made so far and encourage them to keep coming. Submit any additional ideas using the survey found here.

    We've grouped the ideas into general categories. Here are the categories to date, in no particular order:

    • Simplify, organize, archive legacy threads
    • Identify employees, increase employee contribution
    • Improve knowledge sharing (Top 10 lists, tips/tricks, additional webinars, KB enhancements)
    • Incentives to participate, encourage constructive discussions
    • Offline events (meetups, local events, etc.)
    • Discussion forums dedicated to customer type (Cloud vs. OnPremise, MSP vs. Enterprise, Verticals, etc.)
    • Make the site mobile-friendly
    • Improve site performance

    We welcome any constructive discussion on this topic in this thread, but strongly recommend any ideas or suggestions are submitted through the survey to ensure they're properly collected and included in the wishlist.

    Thank you,


  • You really, really, really need to improve responsiveness to tech support requests.  In a related point, the portal is often flaky and inconsistent.    

    I am incredibly frustrated about trying to use Kaseya to provide a service while it crumbles and nobody is motivated to address issues that aren't trivial.  

    Paul Hill

  • Please switch to a better forum software (like vBulletin, or something better than whatever this is). It will be a much more pleasant experience for us as community members, and it will give you (kaseya staff) more power to moderate and manage more easily.