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Determine IP of Hyper V Host machine and input into custom field

  • I created an agent procedure a while back to pull the Hyper-V host name out a registry file of the virtual machine, and input those results into a custom field I created.

    Now without luck, I am trying to pull the IP address of the Hyper-V host machine and input into a Custom field 'Hyper-V IP Address.'

    Does anyone know how to pull and IP address of the Hyper-V Host machine, and input into a custom field created in the Audit module?

  • Not sure if this is what you are looking for but this Database view (#vMachine.IpAddress#) will display the IP address that the agent is connecting from in the LAN.

  • Hi  

    Does the Hyper-V Host have an agent on them?

    If so, you would probably want to use a sqlread and updatesysteminfo steps in an agent procedure.

    With a SQLRead query similar to the following to get the IP Address of a Hyper V Host:

    select ipaddress from dbo.useripinfo
    where osinfo like '%INSERT HYPER V OS NAME HERE%'

    Alternatively, if the host does not have an agent, you could probably find the ip via the following query:

    select ipAddrRollup from inventory.discoveredDeviceSummary
    where osName like '%INSERT HYPER V OS NAME HERE%'

    Hope this helps.