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R8 - Where is my Executive Summary Report?

  • Installed R8 expecting to find one of the new features that was demoed during the R8 Webinar less than a week ago to find that there is no update on Executive Summary report.

    Had to find this via the depreciated R8 release notes:

    Note: Updating the legacy Executive Summary report to match the look and feel of a custom report, scheduled for R8,.has been deferred until R9. (APPINF-1472)

    A little disappointing to say the least...

  • I was able to execute the newly redefined report yesterday and was impressed with the layout; However, after upgrading to the .2 patch and learning the above it was indeed reverted back to the Legacy Executive Summary.  

    I am extremely disappointed this was removed from the R8 version as well as some other 'R8 Roadmap' features which were quietly pushed back as well.

  • Wait, so the new summary report that was demo'd in the webinar was removed?

  • ...oh for the love of.

    So basically, R8 = "We fixed the remote control for you." That's it.

  • wow what a joke. I have not even upgraded yet

    Typically kaseya. Lets over promise and under deliver.

    I think its time that kaseya gets a bashing on public forums for all the BS they talk

  • Wow! I lodged a ticket then noticed in the release notes the following:

    A new page layout for the Executive Summary report was reverted back to the page layout shown in 7.0. (IP-397/APPINF-1515)

    Not cool if this has been put off till R9! Seeing as it worked perfectly fine during the Beta phase.

  • Folks,

    During our Beta testing and final QA, we found some defects in the enhanced Executive Summary Report, which will require changes that are more significant than a patch. So we have removed this feature from R8. The enhanced report will be part of the R9 release. 

    We have added appropriate notices to the R8 Release Notes and have updated the Roadmap page.

  • Well with this removed R8 feels underwhelming.

  • I'm disappointed in the loss of the ExecSummary; we've only been pestering for an update to this since the new reporting structure arrived, how many moons ago now?

    With that said: the new look seems to really have just been a new skin on the same old data. Maybe in R9 we'll get something actually built on the new reporting platform?

    Also: If you're on 7.0, get thee to R8 anyway because the fixes to the new remote control are ABSOLUTELY worth it. Two days in and my people are so, so much happier than they've been for the last few months...

  • Much of the work in R8 was done "under the hood". The most visible portion is obviously the enhancements to KRC but you can read through all the other fixes that came in R8.0 by looking through the release notes.



  • Hi Varun,

    as the new Executive Summary Report release has been postpones I've one suggestion as I publich the % for each client as a column in the VSA. would be nice that values would be stored somewhere in a table....

    I created a proc to read the html file and extract the values needed. Would be nice if this could be automized.