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Why would you stop supporting RDP in the May release?

  • This is one of the parts of Kaseya that has always worked. 

  • Agreed. In my opinion, RDP has always been far more effective than ANY remote control method out there... including TeamViewer. It connects the fastest, displays best quality, and there are virtually no problems with it. Microsoft is very solid in this area and I would hate to see Kaseya remove the simple relay method they have now. I'm not even sure cost is an issue here.

  • For us, we're regularly logging off and on a machine while we're using it.  With other methods (VNC/etc...) you can do that without having to disconnect/reconnect the session.

    The new LiveConnect tool that's the locally installed application is supposed to be faster, more reliable and have more features.  I'm wondering if they're just thinking that they want to have 1 method that's great, instead of supporting several methods that are all just OK.

  • +1

    While LiveConnect 6.5 seems to be much more reliable, it still disconnects occasionally.

    Lots of our clients do use RDP only, I do not understand whats the need to drop something that is working

  • RDP is the best until now, it's the fastest most flexible , can connect with multiple users to one server in different sessions, the session is automatically locked when you disconnect etc..

    the only disadvantage is (but this is more at kaseya side) you can't enable NLA

    Go here like this as much as possible! helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../40172893-RDP-access-to-stay-in-new-remote-control

  • I use RDP almost exclusively for server access. It's extremely fast and particularly useful as local personnel can't see what's taking place on the servers and I don't have to worry about accidentally training someone to be doing something I'd rather they weren't doing on a server (I'm in house IT). However, I don't use it from Kaseya but from a desktop RDP session. Is there a reason why I would want to use Kaseya RDP as opposed to Microsoft's RDP connection tool?

  • Zippo if you are on a LAN not really, unless you want to be able to easily go back and see when and how long you were connected for in the Agents Log... Kaseya RDP comes in handy accessing machines on different networks where you would otherwise have to setup a VPN.

  • You should still be able to connect the LiveConnect VPN and use your local RDP to connect to the remote machine. Certainly not as convenient... but the experience is the best remote experience out of all of Kaseya's options as it is just a regular RDP session, full screen and all.  I like to use that if I know I am going to be connected for a while.

  • What the #$%^&* seriously... are you guys (Kaseya) looking for people to migrate to Labtech or GFI...

  • Thanks,  ghanssen. Having an audit log of RDP sessions is a good reason.

  • I sat in on the roadmap update, and complained about this.  It is especially annoying for terminal servers as the new remote tool will only give you console access to a terminal server.  

    They said they don't want to support to many options as it complicated development, but surely this is something so simple that it wont over complicate there developers.  It is after all just a port redirection.

    I remember a time when port redirection was going to be a new feature in kaseya.

    Labtech has had port redirection for years. It will allow you to open an RDP, SSH, Telnet, HTTP, etc session from any agents live connect equivilent

    We are in an industry that requires secure RDP connections, and have clients who use Kaseya to logon to their terminal servers (so they don't have to create VPN's, etc), and obviously need an RDP session not a console session for this, so now we have to come up with another solution for these clients, at our own cost.

  • I agree with this thread 100%, this could be the biggest mistake of Kaseya. I've been with them 7 years and am waiting back from my account manager about this.

    Live Connect will never be as good as RDP on it's on and it puts Kaseya under real pressure with this new remote control release.

    Kaseya why not just keep the old RDP in remote control forever, or at least until you loyal Kaseya customers are happy to have it removed instead of take something away which works perfect from us.

  • I also agree with this thread totally.  I had asked during one of the webinars why they're doing this, and they said, "there are technical reasons for dropping the support.  Microsoft does not allow us to utilize the Remote Desktop Session protocol outside of their solution."

    I assume from this that they mean that they can't put RDP as an option in the new Remote Control app.  I can understand that, but as Craig said, can't we just keep the old Remote Control section as it is in the Kaseya Portal?

    Fixed link to Feature Request to keep RDP: https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/entries/40172893-RDP-access-to-stay-in-new-remote-control

  • My concern is that as Kaseya appears to have progressed their downward spiral even faster I'm going to lose out on my leverage with Labtech pricing.

    Seriously Kaseya, your customers are in the industry and not idiots.  As mentioned above RDP is one of the few reliable components of Kaseya.  How eager are you to kick out us out the door?

  • On the other hand, I can't update to 6.5 due to all the problems.  So I probably won't be able to update to the version that drops RDP for another few years anyway.