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Kaseya Certified Administrator Certification Feedback

  • Hello all. I wanted to provide feedback for the KCA program as I found forum posts quite helpful for when I took the exam.

    Just some background on me, I've worked at inhouseIT for over 8 years and we're still using Kaseya Managed Services Edition  : We are looking to migrate to 6.3 this year and our CTO enrolled me in the week-long Kaseya 6.3 Fundamentals course. I took the Kaseya exam and passed 7/26/13 on my first attempt.

    Prior to the course, I'd never used the newer version of Kaseya. I'd consider myself an expert on most of the modules in 5.1 but our company has developers who manage scripts (Agent Procedures) and reports (Info Center). We use ConnectWise for ticketing, so I'd not made use of the Ticketing module either.

    To study, I read through the pdfs four times each and performed the lab examples. During the entire 3 month study window (I only studied at work during downtime), Dr. Masoud Sadjadi and Wilki were very helpful in answering my questions. At some point Masoud kind of became my psychologist because I did not really know what to expect with this exam. I am Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA certified so I am no stranger to exams, but this Kaseya exam got in my head since I didn't know anyone who had taken it. I only knew what I had read on these forums.

    These are some things I found helpful to prep for the exam:

    1) I would highly recommend installing Google Chrome on your system prior to the exam. Some aspects of the exam work better in different browsers (I used IE, Chrome and Firefox). Time runs short! Here's the good news...if you have legitimate issues, Masoud is so helpful and understanding that time won't be an issue. The overwhelming message from Masoud is that he wants you to pass the exam. That greatly improved my exam experience. He put much of my worry to rest.

    2) I would install Skype on your computer prior to the exam as I used this to communicate with Masoud during the exam to report any problems I was having. In many cases, I was the problem. I didn't carefully read the "READ THIS PRIOR TO TAKING THE EXAM" info, and I asked questions of Masoud that I wouldn't need to if I would have read more carefully. Throughout all of this, Masoud was supportive and even entertaining.

    3) I used SnagIt for screenshots. I seriously did not know what to expect with the whole take screenshots business. I've not had to do that for an exam before but in the end, it was simple enough and explained well. In fact, I took extra screenshots just to be cautious but the exam is pretty clear on what you need to take screenshots of and how to properly label and upload them. Make sure to follow those directions and just for good measure, I would preview the screenshots after I took them to make sure I had a good capture. I also made duplicates of them just to be safe but that's probably overkill.

    Masoud is such a GREAT guy that he scored my exam the same day so I wouldn't ruin my weekend wondering if I passed or not. No guarantees he can do this for everyone, but this is just a testament to how much he cares about the KCA program and the exam students. I can't tell you the amount of RELIEF in having completed this program and to be certified. It's a great feeling to join the KCA club, but also to have the monkey off my back out of concern over the unknown with this exam.

    Therefore, if I can be of any help with advice to prospective KCAs within the limits of what I am allowed to do, please feel free to post or ask questions. The exam is not as daunting as it seems because of Masoud's involvement, but you MUST study and prep diligently.

    I hope this helps.


  • Congrats on passing the test Steve!  Well done!!    is great isn't he!? You'll be so stoked getting to 6.3!  Glad to see you here in the community.  :)  

  • Thanks Brendan! Still getting used to you being at Kaseya and not at inhouseIT! :P

    Masoud is #1!

  • WOW!!!! i cant believe it inhouseIT is finally upgrading their kaseya. About freaking time! Good luck with that steve! i still have to use your kaseya from time to time for clients and i cant even connect to their servers anymore because your KA is so outdated.