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I was wondering if there was a way to change the Forums Home tab to show more than 5 posts at a time?

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  • @Matt S. and @Greig McGill - I updated the "Forums Home" tab.  Let me know what you think.

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  • Could we also get a box around the threads and posts with a white background so we can see them clearly.

  • Which tab are you referring to?  Choices are "Forums Home"  "Forums List"   "Threads List"

  • I am referring to the "Forums Home" tab.

    I believe that K Arnott is referring to most pages on the forum.

  • I see that if I just click "threads list" it seems to show things from all the threads. But what it doesn't show is what subforum it belongs to without clicking it. Maybe that can be added to the "thread list" tab.

  • Either I'm missing something massive, or this forum is super buggy. When I go to messages, I can't click anything. It says I have one unread, clicking it does nothing. It just sits there. This is in IE 10. I've set the modes to IE 8 to test and it does the same thing. Also, when I click the forums list, and then click that forum, it doesn't show me messages from the actual forum save for a few on the right hand side. The rest are just a lump of messages from ALL of the forums. Anyone else seeing this?

  • Same is happening for me as Doug. While the forums are listed, if you pick on to open, you just get todays general posts, not the forum you are clicking on. Also there was a running thread addressing the new Live Connect and RC, but that has seemed to vanish too.

  • I also can't get any of my messages. Yes this forum is buggy. Is there a bugzilla or somthing for it?

  • The forum should never have been moved off of vBulletin in the first place.

  • indeed, super buggy, whatever you click you get the same items displayed. Don't understand why this all was changed. This layout is very awfull and surely not userfriendly.

  • , ,  and others that have mentioned it - The linking issue is resolved.  You should see the specific forum that you click on now, not the list of all threads from various forums.  

    [edited by: Brendan Cosgrove at 7:39 AM (GMT -7) on Jun 25, 2013]
  • So now when I go into the "threads list" tab only the current forum I had previously selected shows. That is good. What I am now wondering is, Is it possible to see a thread list for all the threads? Similar to the "Forums Home" Tab, but without the 5 per page limit. The reason being I like to see more than 5 threads at a time and I typically don't jump to individual sub forums unless looking for specific issues.  When the threads list was "broken" before, that is exactly how the "Forums Home" tab was for me, but it indicated which sub forum each post belonged too.

  • Plus 1 to that Matt. That's also my primary mode of reading, and the 5 item limit is driving me crazy.

  • @Matt S. and @Greig McGill - I updated the "Forums Home" tab.  Let me know what you think.

  • That is much better now. Thanks for listening to my suggestion! Hopefully everyone else likes this.


  • Yep, awesome, thanks Brendan. Are we able to customise the number of posts on that tab in our personal settings? If not, feature request? :)