Hopefully you've gotten the Save the Date email for Kaseya Connect 2013.  We are working hard to make it AWESOME!  One of the changes this year is that you can book your own hotel if you like.  We have arrangements with the Four Seasons and Mandalay Bay like we did last year, but this year you have the option to book your own accommodations.  So today as I was bouncing around the interwebs I found a deal that might help some of you make it this time that otherwise haven't been able to join us because of cost.  

The deal is a room at Mandalay plus some buffet credits.  Now, we are going to feed you at the conference, but that nightly rate isn't too bad.  I can't make any promises on the details of the promo as it comes straight from Mandalay, but I thought some of you might be interested.

Click here for the link.

 Hope to see in Vegas this spring!