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Increase in Spam...

  • Hey everyone, sorry for the increase in spam recently, the team here is doing their best to stay on top of it. This is a risk of any public and relatively open community.  To further curtail the spammers we are working on getting a CAPTCHA step put in place for user registrations.  The spammers are definitely getting more sophisticated, as of today, they have to fill out the form (could be done by a machine) then receive and email and click on the link in that email, then log in and post to specific forums (impressive if that's being done by a machine).  We'll work to lessen its impact on our day to day collaboration.  

    Thanks for being a part of this community.


  • No worries. Thanks for the update and thanks for taking care of them so quickly when you do find them here...

  • @Brendan - It's amazing what you can do with a couple of well written procedures.

    As it's been some time since I registered, do you not have something that checks if the user has an existing Kaseya serial number and if so access is granted and otherwise it's run by someone?  I've probably exaggerated this a little or seen it elsewhere but was sure there was some check in place with you guys.  I also discussed this with one of your fellow Kaseyan's and we came to the conclusion that it would be good if you could identify what platform a user utilises as it then stops you typing out a long winded answer to discover that the user only uses your free cloud platform so can't perform the same tasks as an on premise user.

  • I can't speak for Brendan but I know it's a balancing act.  When I first started with Kaseya the forums were closed and only available to Partners.  As more and more people joined & evaluated Kaseya there was a request to open the forums up, so we did.  It's unfortunate that a couple of spammers ruin things for the masses but that's the nature of the Internet.  Hopefully Brendan's changes will stop the current influx of spammers.  Then we'll have peace for a while until they figure out a way to circumvent the changes ;)

  • Personally I think they should be closed to someone with a trial license who has been in contact with sales in some form.  Obviously a spammer could go through the effort of downloading the trial, getting a serial number and emailing sales for access to the forums and then having someone grant their serial number access to the forums, but really...are they going to bother?

    Ps - heh...and any spammer worth his salt probably already subscribes to this - bypasscaptcha.com/index.php

  • So to give you all an update on our efforts to curb spam, I've been turning some dials to try and reduce the spam registration problem.  The dials I turned yesterday didn't do what I had hoped for, so today, I really cranked them down.  Thanks for your patience.  These spammers are sharp, but I am determined that we win this fight.  :)