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Kaseya Training by IT Scholars

  • I have recently completed the Advanced training for Kaseya which was provided by IT Scholars (it-scholars.com).  The training was done via online labs and webinars.  The training took place over the course of about 8 days and it covered all of the core functions as well as some of the add on modules.  The instructors were very knowledgeable and the Labs were superb and well planned.  The instructors as well as Dr. Sadjadi were very accessible.  I felt very confident coming out of the training and was well prepared to take and pass the Kaseya Administrator Certification exam as well as setup and implement Kaseya on our network with minimal support from Kaseya.

    I highly recommend the IT Scholars training course to anyone considering it.  




  • Thanks for the feedback Mitch!  Congratulations on your certification!  

  • I agree with Mitch, the training was well worth the time.  Any chance of creating a more advanced training course for those that have completed this course?

  • Thank you for the positive feedback.  We will be announcing an updated

    training curriculum and Certification that follows the same format and

    approach as the VSA Fundamentals Workshop.  An Advanced VSA Workshop and

    Kaseya System Administrator Workshop are currently under development and is

    targeted to be available in Q3.

  • Well i wish i could agree with you all but unfortunately we've had a rather a negative experience with the Kaseya Fundamentals course and i was wondering if anyone else has had issues with this?

    For example, questions give the wrong answers and state them as being correct, information in the course is totally different to the facts in the Kaseya help files, the lab doesn't give us everything we should have access to, and more importantly that the teacher for the course doesn't seem to reply to emails regardless if we chase him or our K account manager chases him.

    I don't want to say too much as we're still waiting on a response days later, but "unhappy" is definitely a word i would use.

  • Okay, i'm glad i didn't say too much during my little rant this morning (see previous post), as i've now spoken with Masoud Sadjadi and he explained that the Kaseya 6.3 course materials will be available very soon and that they've put a lot of effort into it.  (I think it's just very unfortunate for me that i've picked up on a lot of the problems they were already aware of but had not fixed - due to the new release coming out).

    I cannot make any comment on whether the 6.3 materials will be any better, but it makes sense to me that if they were aware of the previous issues, they would make sure the same doesn't happen in 6.3.  (And for anyone who has experienced the dodgy audio on the course materials, they've sorted this too for the next release).

    Overall the course has been good and i would recommend it to anyone else wanting to do one - just don't jump on a course before they release a new version ;-)

    Now i'd better go and finish swatting-up before i take my exam....

  • Tim McMullen,

    Hello. I was wondering if there was any progress on the advanced courses you mentioned last May ?


  • Bump...

    Does anyone know if there was any progress made on the advanced courses you mentioned last May by Tim McMullen ?