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Forum Question - Post Clears Body

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Does anyone else have a problem with this forum where hitting the post button occasionally clears everything in the body of the post and returns the error "* Posts must have some content in the body."?

I usually copy the body of my post into notepad, but it's frustrating when I don't and my post is lost.  This seems to happen more frequently in IE?  Is it just me?

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  • Happens about 90% of the time if I've accidentally strayed into IE.  Not as bad in Chrome but does happen occasionally.  Very frustrating, especially when you forget to copy what you're typed - just in case.

    It has been pointed out to Brendan previously.  I still reckon they've developed an Anti-Moan application - Looks like this person is speaking bad of Kaseya delete post as Reply button is pressed - pow pow it's gone.  I have typed up a moan, had the post has vanished and because I got it off my chest I didn't bother replying again so perhaps it works.

  • No Anti-moan app here. That's funny, but no.  The only thing I can do is some auto replace on words, but I've resisted all temptation on that one.  I've spent quite a of time to try and narrow down the IE post problem, but haven't been able to fix it.  I've connected with some other folks who use our community platform and they feel confident they can help.  :)