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  • I see there is already a ton of positive feedback re: Kaseya's excellent support, i figured one more wouldn't hurt... i sent this to my account rep re: a ticket i was recently helped with:


    Regarding Ticket <removed>:


    Kaseya’s customer service is by far the best I have ever come across.  That said, it makes it hard to point out individuals that go above and beyond.  However, this case is one that I feel deserves to be separated from the rest.  Throughout the various e-mails and phone calls related to this ticket, Ed has displayed a high level of diligence, expertise, and overall attentiveness.  Not only was he (very) patient with me when I had questions, he made it a point to explain the what and why of everything while still putting a lot of time into making sure this is solved right.  As a technician myself, I appreciate the fact it can sometimes be difficult to instruct and troubleshoot simultaneously; a skill that I believe Ed has a great handle on.  Not only did I learn a lot while working with him, he managed to save me a significant amount of time and frustration.


    In short: I believe that Ed has taken the already stellar experience that Kaseya provides and driven it a couple notches higher!

  • I would also agree with your comment.  Recently I had some strange issues with policy manager and it turend out to be a bug.  Senior tech worked with me for a couple of days and had fixes for me which resolved my issues wiht policy manager.  I had couple of other tickets that were also handeled very well.  I certinaly agree Kaseya's support is definetely heading in the right directionan.