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10 Tips for those who plan to do Kaseya Certified Administrator Expert Level course

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    My name is Chris (a.k.a. HardKnoX) and I’m a Kaseya Certified Administrator.

    The reason I’m writing this is to pass on 10 pro tips for the Kaseya Certification course, specifically the Expert level package hosted by Dr. Masoud Sadjadi from IT Scholars.

    The Expert level package is the cheapest out of the 4 current course packages but is also the hardest due to the time constraints given to the training resources and the 90% pass rate required. I would not recommend this Expert level course unless you have used Kaseya for a few years, have done some of the Kaseya Boot camps and have full confidence that you know all 10 core modules.

    1) Make sure to put aside at least 5 full days do the course, however I highly recommend the full 7 days.

    2) To prepare for the practical exam I recommend that you do as much of the hands-on hand-outs provided in the Virtual labs and find time saving shortcuts such as writing and saving commands notepad for;

    • MSTSC to connect to the virtual lab machines (note that the port numbers change during the practical exam)
    • Shutdown command and switches to reboot machines
    • Registry modification mentioned in the training videos and hand-outs
    • the Lab  Kaseya server’s IP address and FQDN

    3) For countries outside the US that has slow internet connections I highly recommend using Remote Desktop to connect to the Lab machines during the practical exam as its loads faster than using the browser based remote connections provided.

    4) Memorize your account password, your account password is the same password used for the virtual labs and the practical exam, so memorize it as it will save you valuable time in the practical exam.

    5) Don’t spend too much time waiting to complete just one task, if you can move on to the next question’s tasks and complete those while waiting for the slow ones (i.e. audits and scans etc…) to finish.

    6) Practice writing the Agent Procedures you see in the training videos and note down the steps so that you can replicate them in the practical exam

    7) Don’t waste time uploading the deployment files when you do the Agent Procedure section of the exam. I found that all of the files you need has already been uploaded for you to use.

    8) Don’t take too many screen shots while doing the practical exam, read the exam question and after that it will tell you how many screen shots are required, extra screen shots will waste valuable time. If you have any time left recheck your work make sure you have screen shots for all of the questions as you only have 10min after the exam ends to submit your answers.

    9) Keep in mind that the Lab Kaseya configuration as all things in Life is not perfect, other students use the same system and make configuration changes that might affect some of the tasks you need to perform while doing the practical exam, doing the practice part of the virtual labs will sometimes help you identify these issues so note them down so that you can work around them while doing the practical exam.

    10) And last but not the least if you have a genuine problem such as connectivity issues or Live Connect Crashes your browser while doing the exam, take screen shots of the issue and let Dr. Sadjadi know. I found him to be a very understanding and reasonable person and he is always happy to assist you.


    I highly recommend this Certification as besides the knowledge you gain while doing the course, it gives you access to a higher Kaseya support tier and the potential to gain more customers as a Kaseya Consultant.

    If you are interested in getting Kaseya Certified visit http://www.kaseya.com/services/certification.aspx for more information or talk to your Kaseya rep.


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  • Thanks man.

  • I would agree with point 10. However, you don't, in my humble opinion, technically need to have been working with the product for 4 years. I have only been working with it for 8 month, and am certified, but the key is you have to have worked in all modules extensively and know them back to front so to speak.

    If you do run into trouble in the exam, Dr, Masoud is a very helpful and accomodating person as long as the reasons for extension, issues, etc are justified.

    You do get all the study material, streaming videos and interactive content in the expert exam to help you through it all as well as hands on questions and theory quizzes to assist you pass and familiarize yourselves with the exam itself.

    I would recomment doing your certification Expert level package through Dr. Masoud Sadjadi from IT Scholars. You cant go wrong ^_^

  • @Glen Janjetich Correction I said "a few years" not "four years" and congrats on doing it in 8 months.

    The point I was trying to get across is that the Expert Level Exam is very hard due to the time constraint and high (90%) pass rate required. Having used Kaseya for a few years before attempting this Expert Level exam would in theory give you more confidence.

  • Hey this is all helpful stuff guys. I have been using k for about 4 years but didn't get to a boot camp. I have ordered the advanced course and will start it in a week or two. These tips are very helpful.

  • Hi Guys,

    I am very new to Kaseya, I recently setup my own test environment with 4 managed VM’s consisting of a windows server box, win 7, win xp, Ubuntu Linux and Oracle Linux.

    My question is this, I am looking at completing the KCA program and due to cost constraints the Expert level option. Do you think this is possible ? what would I need to prepare for the certification exam ? would it be worth spending the extra $500 on 20hrs of lab time ? your questions and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

  • i got it. The pass level is always 90% no matter what package you sign up for.

    I wrote my own program to take the screen shots for me and more efficiently

    As for the theory part of the exam the answers are as per the Kaseya "help" not reality so just keep that in mind  

  • Thanks for the feedback Michael,

    How did you find the Lab (Sandbox) experience, did it greatly assist you in attaining the qualification ?

    How much prior experience did you have with Kaseya before you wrote the exam ?

  • i've been using it for like 4 years probably more.

    This is what i did

    Read the theory

    Then did the theory test a million times till i got it 100% ( you really have to get 100% so you can only need to get 90%ish in the practical test)

    Then i worked through the practical documentation and did what i could i didn't do some of the modules that i could do in my sleep  

    Then sat the test

    For me the time is so short that i couldn't watch their videos and practical stuff and other random things

    When i did it the exam wasn't straight forward because the Practical documention and Videos were a different version of Kaseya to the one you actually do the test on. That means if you followed the documention to the letter then it would have been impossible / hard to complete. So this means you need a bit of lateral thinking to pass.

    Taking pictures all the time can also Burn a huge amount of test time

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  • Well I’ve got exactly 7 days to complete it. No pressure. Lol

    At least Kaseya has what seems to be, an incredibly helpful network.

    Thanks again.

  • if you want i can send you my screen capture program that i wrote and used

    it's not slick cos i literally made it for this test only. The important thing about it is it works with multiple monitors 

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  • That would be absolutely amazing, could you send it to brandon.vblerk@gmail.com

  • sent to you

    So when i did the exam i captured 2 of my screens. one with the questions on and one with the answers on All on the same screen shot so i could refer back to them if needed (Which i did).

  • Brendon the mail failed to send to that address ?

  • Awesome work, I really appreciate this, I know the tool will be super handy.

    if brandon.vblerk@gmail.com doesn’t work then give bvanblerk@mweb.co.za a go.

    Thanks again Michael.