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  • My company has recently started using an online backup solution, which has a very interesting feature within their user login area.  I'd love to see this in Kaseya's community, would only make it (both the Kaseya user community, developer community, and the product itself) grow stronger going forward.  Please note that this is only "An idea" which might help it out more, I am in no way affiliated with the product.  I've only used it with another backup product.

    This backup product, their online interface has a "Leave Feedback" link, which opens a "new" screen overlaid on the existing screen (A DIV, which puts a shadow on the rest of the page).  This screen is a "voting system", for new features.  It is based off of a piece of software called UserVoice.  it essentially gives each user a set number of "Votes", where you can vote on an idea.  Votes get accumulated, ranked according to age / votes / interaction (depending on what you select), you can comment on the items you're voting on, and administrators can respond as needed.  Administrators get the ability to flag items based on internal decision - typically these options are "Under Review" (for implementation), "Planned" (thrown on the system roadmap), and "In Progress" (being actively developed / integrated).  When it's marked as "Completed", users who voted on it get their votes back and are notified.

    What this does is expand on the user community, to have some level of community input on the direction that the software is going, for "common bugs".. .It allows people the ability to see that they're not alone in their ideas, their issues, their requests... you can harvest much better ideas on what people want to see - instead of 1 person screaming loudly, or 3 people bouncing something back and forth (with hordes of others reading up on it but not actively getting involved), you get a measurement that there's not only just few people actively involved with the conversation / goal, but also 30 others silently pushing for it.  No actual involvement is involved to "vote" on something, other than select the idea and set the number of votes you'd like to throw at something... stay anonymous (to the community), unless you want to actually say something and contribute.

    it's a thought.  Couldn't hurt, would get rid of a lot of the "Feature requests" threads (or worse, feature requests as a comment inside another lengthy thread, long forgotten), and the licenses are fairly inexpensive.

  • Just as long as they don't use 'UserVoice'

  • Thanks for the suggestion, we are looking for a solution to the feature vetting process inside the community.  The ones we've looked at so far have been cost prohibitive.  :(

    @Peter - Please send me an email with why you think we shouldn't use "UserVoice"

    On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 9:24 AM, Peter Stevens <bounce-PeterS@kaseya.com> wrote:

    Just as long as they don't use 'UserVoice'