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We're still in the running but need your votes today!

  • First off, let me say thank you to you, our community members, day in and day out your participation has grown and so has the value of this community.  Whether you realize it or not, folks in our industry have taken notice and now even folks outside of our industry have taken notice.  As a result, we've been nominated for a Forrester Groundswell award for B2B Support Communities.  This award relies on community votes to determine a winner, so I'm asking you to go to the link below and cast your vote for 5 stars for our community!  

    Thanks everyone! 

    Here's the link: http://bit.ly/o6JBnO

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  • That's excellent, you have my vote. Is it as all possible (or appropriate to ask here?) to get some stats on the communities growth and other cool metrics about forum? Like, how many unique logon's a day? How many new users a day over a year? Top 50 contributors (Name and shame! - it will be fun) Largest thread? Most questions actually answered as opposed to responses? i think a lot of people would be interested to see what the growth of the community is really like in numbers.

    If this is inappropriate to ask here, please delete this post or ask me to remove it.

  • This community here is simply excellent and I can't thank the posters here enough for their valuable contributions and Kaseya is to be commended for providing this forum as a place to share knowledge. But I didn't vote because, unforunately, the nomination also mentions "World-Class Support" and says that, "Kaseya delivers efficient, rapid customer-driven support to its customers." Unfortunately, and it pains me to say it, but my personal experiences with Kaseya support do not bear out those two statements. I didn't want to mar the Community's chances of an award by a posting a rating that was less than stellar, but I also did not want to be dishonest so I chose to withhold my vote. I'm truly sorry because, as I said above, the posters here are tremendous, both the Kaseya contributors and the at large contributors, and they both have my heartfelt thanks for the time and effort they put into this forum and for the knowledge they share.

  • @Mark Boyd - I am happy to share some statistics.  I gather some tidbits up tomorrow when I get in the office.  Thanks for your vote and your review for the award!

  • Whilst the community is very helpful and invaluable I still find the actual forum software very frustrating to use.

    So 10 out of 10 to the Community for its help, insight and knowledge and 2 out of 10 for the forum software

  • @Brendan, no worries any time

    Peter, What do you mean the forum software frustrating to use? Please explain maybe we could elay some fears here.

  • Hi Mark

    Like I said I find the people and the content of the forum very helpful I just find the actual forum itsself somewhat unhelpful.

    The settings that you select seem to apply randomly to posting. i.e. I prefer to see new updated to posting at the top rather than having to scroll through to get to the entry that has been updated. In theory this is possible but just doesn't seem to work consistently, with some posts showing up newest first and others newest at the end.

    I have no interest in the SAAS announcements, but can't find a way not to see them, as there is no way to exclude forums from your view. i.e. In the New and Updated View I only want to see the updates that relate to the forums I am interested in.

    You have to open an item you cant just mark it as viewed, this would help with the stuff that I have no interest in if its not possible to exclude forums.

    Searching still isn't great.

  • And, in the 'annoying bits in the 21st century' category: Separate sign-on for Portal (Which has a LINK to forums) and the forums themselves? Can we PLEASE move up into something I wouldn't be embarassed to put on the web? Single-Sign-On for the win, guys.

  • @Marc - we're working on the SSO.  :)

  • @Peter Stevens - you may want to consider using RSS for the feeds you would like to follow, if you already use an RSS reader that is.  Also, we have quite a few members that follow everything via email and a couple rules.  Then you can subscribe via email just to the ones you want to read.  If you go to the Home tab in the forums you'll see a "Manage Subscriptions" link on the right.  All emails from the community contain "Kaseya Community" in the subject line if you want to go that route and use rules in your email client.

    Searching is going to improve with the next community platform upgrade coming in the next 30-60 days.  

  • Brendon, you rock :)

    Sorry if there was venom in there. The second login tripped me up on logging in this morning, so my back was up, but this has been a thorn in my paw forever.

  • Hi Brendon

    The last thing I want is more email

  • Mark Boyd

    Peter, What do you mean the forum software frustrating to use? Please explain maybe we could elay some fears here.


    aside from Peter's comments, I too find the forum software a bit frustrating. I don't post a lot of code b/c I can't seem to get the forum to accept more then one line at a time between the code tags.

  • In terms of community stats, here are a few:

    • We welcome an average of 300 new users every month.
    • 10,000 unique page views per day on the site (plus an additional 2000 RSS views per day)
    • Most active forum is Scripts and Agent Procedures almost double the traffic of the #2 forum Agent Discussions
    • Over 4,800 registered users (This is after we filtered out some spam accounts.  :)  )
    • Average over 250 active users per day.
    • In the last 30 days, 300 questions were answered.

    Here's a chart on browser usage.  Interestingly, there have also been 30 hits from SeaMonkey and 12 from IceWeasel. (They were new browsers to me.)


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  • I'm coming after you, HardKnoX :))