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Attn moderators/admins: forum is flaky

  • myself and others have noticed that using the quick reply is resulting in posts that arent being submitted.Please check the forum server settings.


    if we are in a thread and try to submit a response via the quick response field a the bottom of the thread, , we are unable to post. Whatever we send is being shipped off to never-never land. myself and others have attempted to add comments to threads and after hitting the reply button the thread reloads without our updated comments.


    It appears if we choose rich formatting and update that way it works.





  • Its an intermittent problem...

  • I am experiencing a lot of time out problems accessing the forums. Very very slow when it does actually work.

    On top of latency issues with the SaaS servers being in London it makes for a VERY frustrating user experience when researching/trialling stuff.

  • Sorry folks.  I am looking into the problems right now.  Also seeing weird SQL errors.  Sorry for the inconvenience.    Any specific threads you can send me links for that you had problems posting to?

  • check out the threads "scripts and agent procedures/sep11 uninstall procedure". Thats one that was acting up. you type your text, hit reply and the page reloads without adding your reply. it was taking two and 3 times to actually get it to post.

  • We had a memory issue.  I think its been resolved.  Let me know if you guys see any more wonkiness.