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  • Hey Guys,

    I'm finally giving this new forums a chance, so here are my issues with it:

    1. Need to move the unread above the forums list (or have it at a tab at that level). right now its a PITA to have to scroll down over and over again to read new nessages.
    2. The Mark as read does not work on the main page. I clicked it and suddenly everything became unread!
    3. I liked having a count on how many unread messages I had. Now I do not know what that is.

    I'm sure theres more feedback, but since I just started to use this noew Forum, I still need to get more of a feel for it.



  • Got to agree 100% on point 1, once you are looking at the list of unread posts you dont need to keep spending time  seeing 'information' that is of no interest.

  • I've given many forums a try in the past.

    2 things bug me.

    1)  The double enter you get when you create a post (Which does not carry across to replies fortunately).

    2)  Tags.  They don't work.  They never work.  Not on any forum I've ever frequent.  You'll get 1 or 2 people that use them correctly, but after about 5 - 6 months they go down the gurgler.  Too many tag names start to exist, people start clicking anything and everything to 'get attention' to a subject.  It becomes information overload.  (Is it a "Patch Fault", "Patch Bug", "Patch problem", "Patch troubleshooting" "Patches Broken" etc etc etc etc).   The only 'tag' you'll ever need is the forum heading.  If it's patch related, post it in patches.

    So..  Fix the search engine, and scram the tags.  Get rid of double enter, and I'll be happy with this forum.  (After you import ALL the data from the old forum.  I spend more time there than here as the search WORKS!)

  • I agree with Dave on the tags. We don't need tags, we need a good search database.

    As far as importing data from the old forums, a lot of the posts had links to other posts.  Is it safe to assume that those will be forever broken?

  • @Scott Nally - we are working out how to handle the cross linking issue.  We haven't thrown in the towel on that yet.  

  • I think we need to throw in the towel on this failed Telligent experiment.

  • I would at least like to know where we stand on the screen space that is wasted. It was posted on September 30th that you were working on the screen resolution. Have there been any tests with fixing that?

  • Yes there are tests happening.  We've been working hard behind the scenes and expect our new test environment to be up and running shortly so that we can really look into major changes like resolutions and other CSS/layout related changes.  We have found some possible options but need to test them in a non-production environment.