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Forum Issues & Feedback


    Note: Several of the line items below are from the old forum, providing feedback on this forum (also from other people's posts, I copied here):

    1. vBulletin has been around for a long time and perfected what it is designed for. Use it.
    2. What is with the 600px width? It is absolutely horrible to view.
    3. The cartoon theme doesn't echo (in my opinion and many others) the style and approach of Kaseya and it's customers.
    4. Sort out the sections/categories. Break it up and make it clean to view like vBulletin.
    5. There should of been an import of the old forum structure so that we can easily find I way on the new ones.
    6. There should of been an import of old posts.  These posts are LIFE SAVERS.  We need that information.
    7. In response to #2. A 20 charcter title shouldn't be wrapping to the next line. I've got more screen real estate on my cell phone than the new "forum".
    8. The question/answer type model isn't effective in this forum. It has it's place in KB type situations. Not in a forum. Forum's are a discussion.
    9. The search function is lacking and not nearly as advanced as vBulletin.
    10. You can't quote someone else's post when you reply to a thread.
    11. You can't edit a post after posting it.
    12. The new post button is completely out of place.  I personally have been in forums for nearly 17 years and there is a standard layout most successful forums adhere to.

    I will think of more.  I welcome other people's contributions.


  • Thanks for your specificity far182.     Here are some answers to your comments/questions/concerns:

    1.  You're right vBulletin has been around for a long time and is a good platform.  The reason for the move was to expand the capabilities for our online community while keeping administration simple.  This move to telligent, which is what powers all Microsoft external communities, EA sports, Proctor and Gamble, and others, was the best fit for our business goals.  I understand that transitions are hard, and I am hoping that you find value here.

    2.  600px width is a fairly common standard for web/email/digital publishing, and my understanding is that studies have shown that this delivers content in a more readable format. All that being said, I don't think I can change this setting either.

    3.  I'm sorry you feel this is cartoonish.  Certainly, we feel that a clean design presents a professional appearance befitting Kaseya and our customers.  We are also working on brushing up some of the look and feel to make it more consistent with our branding elsewhere.

    4.  If you click here:  community.kaseya.com/.../default.aspx you should see a straightforward list of discussion threads including major areas of the app, and general discussion areas, as well as product threads.  

    5.  See #4above.

    6.  We are in the process of importing the data from the old forums.

    7.  The title font size is being adjusted.  Just a CSS thing.

    8.  Forums are a place for people to discuss topics, but also a place for people to feel free to ask questions.  The default post type is a discussion, but as more people and especially more Kaseyans become a regular part of this community, we feel that the Question and Answer format will also be a format appreciated by many.

    9.  The search function is a fully federated search across titles and content. I have find putting quotes around terms helps. Tags are also a key part of helping find relevant data in this community.  Please be sure you are tagging your posts, and comments accordingly.

    10.  When you click the reply button (which is like a "Quick Reply" in vBulletin), next, click the rich formatting link and you have the ability to quote.

    11.  You can edit your posts by going to your comment or reply and clicking the "Moderate" link.

    12.  The location of the new post button is a little harder to change, but it is kept in its current location so that we can make it persistent throughout the community.  

    I hope these answers help you find more value here.  I really appreciate your feedback.  We see the relevance and a good measure of this community's success being tied to participation.  While the platform is important and with that usability, the key to this community being relevant is the participation from great people like you.