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Active Admin - Remote Control

  • Hi All

    Haven't seen a previous post on this, so assuming we may be the first, or only :)

    We upgraded to 9.4 a few weeks back (currently running and since moving from 9.3 have found that the Active Admin column no longer shows details so our techs are constantly interrupting other techs sessions.

    Has anyone else experienced this?



  • Hi Matt,

    We have just noticed the same thing. Did you find a resolution for this issue?



  • Active admin works fine for us, but we are using KRC or RDP, but not KLC. Which remote control tool are you using?

  • This had been reported to development. Please submit a ticket so we can keep you updated on a fix.

  • I was wondering if there was a mechanism for adding custom javascript to the admin UI? Was thinking it might be a useful way of injecting features without requiring massive updates of the ruby code? An example would be adding a plugin like jquery chosen [harvesthq.github.com/chosen] to enhance certain filters and drop downs on forms.

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