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Editing the text in a warning box

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We are on SAAS. We have Kaseya AV (Kaspersky) and Kaseya Anti-Malware (Malwarebytes).

Currently we push out Kaseya AV and AM through a policy, but we also do this manually because the policy has some problems with it (a topic for a different post, but not relevant here).

The KAV or KAM push, once complete, generates a box that is alarming to many members of our user base (see attached screen shot). This warning box has no mention of the AV product, of Kaseya, of our company, and says you are about to be logged off.

I really need to be able to edit some part of that box, be it the title bar or the text. Our Kaseya trainer doesn't think this is possible but I cannot accept that.

Does anyone know how to edit this warning box?

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  • Hi stormbirdd,

    At this point this is a static message.  I will add a feature request and talk to our Product Manager to make this message customized in the future.

    Thanks Charles