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9.4 Feedback/Impressions

  • Only other question is: what's the roadmap for the rest of the year? Haven't seen anything posted.

  • Would love to see what Kaseya has planned for this year too !

  • ideally I'd like to see the following

    1. Drop Java! and move to HTML5

    2. Introduce a true HA solution

    3. A lifecycle module/

  • There did used to be an extensive roadmap published but that got dropped a while back and all details seem very sketchy and secretive now.

    Could not agree more! Time to say goodbye to flash and java.

  • I read about some problems with Live connect

    - LiveConnect crashes on launch, and KRC hangs on "Connecting..." forever

    - The remote control type automatically changes to RDP

    - KRC problems in combination with MacOS

    Are these problems solved?

  • These issues are usually the result of previous VSA migrations and outdated video drivers. The moment you have these issues, let us know in a ticket and we can assist fairly quickly.

    The other issues you mentioned are not known. If you come across those, let us know in a ticket.

  • This weekend.. we Updated to 9.4 and set of new servers.. The interface looks really good.. One thing that I learned is that the new Live Connect download does not play well with the Kaseya Remote Control if you have it installed on the machine prior to 9.4.. I had to remove it and then do the install for LC 9.4 for it to work.. Any other gotchas I need to know about this week lol