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9.4 Feedback/Impressions

  • I didn't see a thread on this yet.

    We got our approval and deployed on Monday night.  First impressions:

    • The face-lift given to the UI looks good.  You may not get to see the new look if you don't force a refresh and/or clear your browser cache..
    • Reboot your computer after installing the updated LiveConnect - even if the installer doesn't tell you to
    • Until you get your agents updated, it looks like the remote control experience is inconsistent.  We had the "classic" version of KRC opening up on some machines and multiple disconnects on the remote control until agents got updated.  I personally am no longer experiencing issues, but some of my techs are having problems where the remote control window opens and immediately closes.  We're going to open a ticket once we consolidate those issues.
    • You can now copy text from Live Connect - helpful!
    • The remote control windows no longer indicate the machine name in the menu bar - PLEASE bring this back.  It makes determining what machine you're connected to very challenging.
    • Our AuthAnvil 2-factor logon window is broken.  We cannot submit our PIN+OTP.  We have a ticket open about this.
    • We haven't had an opportunity to fully test out the Live Connect on Demand yet. The landing page looks good, but I wish the download for the temporary agent were smaller (30+MB)

    For us, so far, the only issues are AuthAnvil integration and the sporadic remote control issues.  This release appears to have been vetted pretty well.

  • Just an update on this.  KRC/Live Connect has some annoying bugs:

    • Copy/Paste does not work as well in the new version.  I can't copy/paste text from one KRC window to another.  I'm not sure if that's by-design, but it's something I do somewhat regularly.
    • If the agent has not been updated, KRC will attempt to connect and then close about 3 seconds later.  The workaround is to launch Live Connect on the non-updated agent and then launch the "classic" KRC from there
    • There's an annoying bug with the new KRC/Live Connect that I've submitted: When you change focus from a KRC window and then switch back with the mouse, it clicks the window behind the active window in the KRC session.  I'm making a habit now of changing focus by selecting the menu

    I don't know if it's just us or the larger userbase, but I would recommend holding off on the upgrade until these bugs are fixed.

  • "When you change focus from a KRC window and then switch back with the mouse, it clicks the window behind the active window in the KRC session."


    EXTREMELY annoying!  Don't know why Kaseya's re-inventing the wheel here.  TeamViewer, VNC, GoToMeeting/Assist do remote control SO much better.  No fuzzy displays, ability to zoom, so many other things.

  • Items I've noticed-

    • UI
      • I like the new UI, it's flatter so more in line with what other apps are doing these days
    • Authanvil was broken - Submitted a support ticket and they have a fix so I would suggest submitting a ticket if you have trouble with it.  The behavior is you can not log in with the otp code.  We had to disable ours for a day while waiting for a fix.
    • LiveConnect
      • KRC
        • Feels much slower than before, not sure if it's just me but I would be curious if other folks see the same behavior
        • Sometimes it will just show as connecting even on the new agent version
      • When you reboot a system or loose network connection to it for a moment then you have to log back in to LiveConnect
      • Issues typing within the live connect window, an example is search and it's very hit or miss

    • LiveConnect on Demand
      • I like the log in page for it
      • Looks to require admin privileges so you won't be using this on a TS to support users in sessions and limited users since they can't install the app.  Gotoassist has a nice feature where if the user is not a local admin it will run in user space and you basically get what the user can see which is many times all you need.
      • If you X out of the on demand box you get an error, I have a ticket in for this too
    • Support fixed the AuthAnvil submit button for us.  It required replacing some files on the Kaseya server.

    • KRC does seem more sluggish.  I could tell the difference when Live Connect launched the "classic" KRC on a non-upgraded endpoint.  The new version is not as responsive.  I have also had an inconsistent experience with copy/paste in KRC.

    • Some of our techs have complained about being unable to launch KRC.  In those cases, I have them kill any liveconnect.exe processes that are running on the machine and re-launch.

    Based on the issues outlined above, I'd recommend that others might want to hold off on this upgrade until the issues with Live Connect are resolved.

  • One issue I had was with updating my SSL Cert as the process has changed in 9.4. If you use the old Java process then it will prevent the Edge Service from starting.

    New process listed here:


  • Another update:

    The issues with KRC continue to mount:

    • We have a couple old 2003 servers that host legacy applications.  KRC crashes on these systems between ctrl-alt-delete, logon and desktop access.
    • KRC doesn't seem to maintain a connection when switching users.
    • When KRC disconnects in the above scenarios, it displays a static image of where you last were, so it's not clear you've been disconnected
    • KRC no longer launches in a foreground window.  You'll have to find your window in a mix of any other KRC windows you have, which can be challenging to deal with since
    • As I mentioned in my first post - the system name is no longer listed in the Title bar.  Each window simply shows the K logo followed by ::

    That's all for now.  We've updated our KRC ticket (169615) with Kaseya but haven't heard back from support yet. 

    As I said before, it's probably worth holding off on the update until KRC is at least as good as it was in 9.3.

  • I reported most of the above new 9.4 type KRC bugs in beta. No responses from Kaseya. We"ve revered to 9.3 style KRC in the meantime, at least this works reasonably reliably.

  • How do you revert to the 9.3 style KRC?

  • It's an option somewhere under system.. Sorry, not infront of a pc to look it up exactly.

  • Thanks for the heads-up.  Here it is:

    "System>Server Management>Replace KRC with RC in KLC to allow you to enforce all screen sessions getting recorded"

  • After my first couple experiences with the RC locking up when I try to log out of a system, I went ahead and followed the above instruction (System / Server Management / Default Settings / highligh "Replace KRC with RC" and click the Edit button). That's an improvement.

    Now, how do I convince Chrome that the new LiveConnect extension should be permitted to run...? Or is this a 32-bit/64-bit problem? Firefox had no problems whatsoever. IE, of all things, had no problems at all.

    And while I'm griping... how does 9.4 NOT have 2016 support? I'm still seeing that annoying "> 2012" in my agent list. Getting 2016 support was a big reason I wanted to upgrade!

    (We skipped 9.3, so I imagine that some of my stumbling around the next few days will be on account of missing some of the paradigm shifts most of you enjoyed last year...)

  • Thanks guys the reverting KRC setting is going to help so much until the new version gets the kinks worked out.  Just reverted it and ones I was having trouble with now seem to work fine.

  • @greyduck - FWIW, our 2016 servers are correctly identified, but they were also correctly identified in 9.3 when they released the patch that fixed that issue.  I can confirm both new and existing clients are being correctly identified.

  • For those concerned about the KRC functionality with the mouse cursor, I've reported this to engineering and it is identified as a bug. Thanks for the reports, guys!