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Monitor Switch Core With KNM Gateway Different Subnet/VLAN

  • Dear Community,

    We have issue with KNM settings. Our customer adopts VLAN infrastructure, and we would like to monitor non-OS devices such as router/switch using KNM. To illustrate their network, they have groups all of their VLAN for specific devices such as VLAN 20 for all non-OS devices (routers, switches, and so on) with an IP range, and VLAN 21, 22, 23, and so on for all client devices/OS devices with an IP range, and so on. Could you give us some pointers and suggestion how to monitor devices (eg. a switch with an IP address with a probe/KNM gateway on IP address Until now, we have not successfully monitor those switches on different subnet with our probe/KNM gateway.


  • There is a function to add assets manually that you can use in this case. Select the network and look in the right hand pane.

  • Thanks Robert..

    But we have to install KNM Gateway first, right? or we don't need to install KNM Gateway..

  • You can install the gateway on any machine that can reach the network you intend to monitor and use the previously mentioned function to add an asset.


    To clarify, Using the Discovery > Networks > Probe option requires that the Probe Agent resides on the desired subnet (So, and will both require their own Discovery "Network Scanning" probe).

    This is a feature we are working on incorporating within Discovery.

    However, as  mentioned, you can bypass this by Setting up a Network in Discovery > Go to KNM > Install Gateway > Then 'Add Asset':

  • Hi Nico,

    Thanks for sharing this information with me, just want to make sure and to conform perception. We have successfully completing to monitor switch gateway, when i create monitor bandwidth performance then rescan interface and showing all interfaces, starting from Vlan 1,2 and so on after enable SNMP on Cisco Switch Core.

    Thank you Guys.

    Best Regards.