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When is the next patch release and what might be in it?

  • Trying to Keep Kaseya on track and more transparent, could you advise when you might have the next patch release and what might it contain? I am using the term might because I completely understand the fluidity of support issues raised by the last patch release.

    Keeping us informed leads to better customer satisfaction and allows us to make better business decisions.

  • That sounds extremely challenging from the Kaseya perspective as bugs are classified based on priority and customer impact level on productivity and/or business impact.  

    Is there a certain bug that is affecting your business critically at this time?  

  • Yes waiting for the Fix for KAV Status Update and have been told it would be in a soon to be released patch. Its been over a month and the amount of time every day to get all agents properly updated is tedious and time consuming...

  • Can you provide more information on the issue?  Sounds like the components/information populating on the status pane in KAV is inaccurate?  

    At my most recent employer (Kaseya) one of my specialties was Security - I know it has been lacking much development lately and I hope to change that.  

    I sent you a PM as well.