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Patch schedule falling behind yet again? Patch released the other day and now no record or release notes

  • Still problems abound... Last patch released Sept. 16 which is now 4 weeks by the end of this week. Many promises in last webinar about transparency and fixing many outstanding issues using patches releases.

    Well I have tickets that are well over 2 months and much older and none have been addressed or any time frame of when they will be.

    No mention on forum or resources of when next patch release is coming and what it might contain. So much for transparency.


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    Patch was pulled due to an issue.  An update regarding the re-release was posted last week:  community.kaseya.com/.../21509.aspx.  The next patch will be release as soon as it's ready to go.  If you have specific concerns regarding cadence and would like to discuss, please reach out to your account manager or PM me directly.

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  • I know all about patch 11, but what was 12 supposed to fix and why after I applied it, there is no record of it?

  • I am waiting very anxiously for a new kserver.exe to test and I'm noting that the post here got edited.  If there is one that is ready to test, I NEED IT.

  • I have to agree it's great that the new patch is available to resolve the issues the former patch presented, but personally I keep track of the patch release notes page ( help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp ) and the RSS feed ( help.kaseya.com/.../kdoc.xml ) for information about when I should start planning to update my kserver. With this information being absent I have not made any plans to perform any updates (and probably won't make plans until I see the documentation for the patches).

    Changelogs and roadmaps are very important to customers (thank you kaseya staff for posting the new roadmap by the way).

  • We are normally slow to adopt new patches as well, unless critical parts of our infrastructure are broken.

  • I find it remarkable that this comment from marcb has not been addressed by Kaseya. If I were them this would be the one that would concern me the most:

    "Well I have tickets that are well over 2 months and much older and none have been addressed or any time frame of when they will be."

  • I have been updated about a ticket that concerns Procedure Scripts that do not fail but have no effect because many script commands not working.

    I was just told I have to wait until 9.3 or March 2016 to get this and other script commands fixed.

    Example: for those of you who are unaware, if you try to use the Force Logoff script command, while it does not fail it also does not execute. If you have noticed that some or many of your scripts seem to not work perhaps this is your problem too. I suggest you begin reviewing procedure scripts for effectiveness. The example user command is logoffCurrentUser that appears to no longer function is just one easy to test.

    There is no reason to believe this is the only command that fails to execute. Most likely many other script commands have also stopped working. The procedure executes but the command has no effect.

    I discovered that scripts I was running to re-mediate issues were no longer having any effect and now I know why. I posted a ticket over two weeks ago and it has taken until today to get a response of some consequence.

    Kaseya has just created more work for me with no consequence to them. Oh yea, new management yet again, things will get better, just give them more time and more of our money while we continue to wait some more....

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  • Marc,

    I am running version and LogOffCurrentUser works great for me with and without end user message. I had problems with GetOS running but not doing anything. After talking with support they suggested "We need to run loadsubagentprocs.sql in SQL Management Studio against the Ksubscribers database. We can find this file in the below location in Kaseya server. Please run this file then test those agent procedure and update us the outcome.

    <Kaseya Installation Directory>\Kaseya\DBInstall\AgentProcedures\script\loadsubagentprocs.sql

    Is it worth a try for you?


  • PC Therapist, tried your suggestion and no positive response.

    Support looked at the issue and was able to recreate it on their systems which means this issue is systemic and not indicative of one (my) installation.

    This is what makes me so angry about this and other similar support issues.

  • I am assuming you are on version 9.1 of  vsa?

  • Oscar look at the post heading. I was at then installed and now I am at (on prem)

  • Good to know - I have multiple instances R8 - R9.1 for these reasons and others as well.

  • Everyone should now be monitoring the new patch release forum community.kaseya.com/.../355.aspx to keep with what's happening with patches. Although was pulled without comment, at least Kaseya is making some effort to keep us informed now. Hopefully this forum will be kept up to date in future.

    It's pleasing to know that they've delayed to fix some issues, rather than let a buggy patch out - a delay is my preference over more problems - as long as we are told WHY there is a delay, which they have.

  • I spoke yesterday with an executive at Kaseya who asked not to be named and recommended that in the name of transparency, post information: a) when there will be a next patch release and b) what is tentatively going to be in that release. I made the case that the patch notification should include a statement that some proposed items may not be in the actual patch depending on testing and readiness of those items. I explained that would be okay so long as the community is advised of such delays or changes.

    The executive said they would speak to others and thought it was a good recommendation and within the hour Nicolas posted the information about patch 12.

    I was told the patch should be released on Monday providing the patch passes the new QA team and they will post release notes before patches are released going forward. We should see release notes Monday or Tuesday and it should contain 1-2 dozen items depending on testing. The issues that were encountered in the last attempt to release the patch was related to packaging the release in that many patches were left out unintentionally

    Kudos to Kaseya for trying to change. Let's hope they can stay the course and continue to advise us along the way. I told this person if they continue to do this, many of us will have their back and begin to feel the company is moving forward again and we can trust them.

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