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  • 4 million for "Customer Success" and you still can't post to the forum without getting your post moderated...

  • @zippo There are some key words that trigger automatic moderation because of spammers and bots. I've removed the status from your account and have shown the post. Apologies for that.

  • Thank you, Tim. Is Varun gone? Are you the forum moderator now?

  • , , , and I are helping out with forum moderation and assisting community members out.

  • OK. Thanks. I probably missed the post where you told us that info...

  • And I got hit with moderation again...

  • Definitely not intentional. We will look into it and get it fixed asap.

    If you do get hit with moderation again, please give us a bit and we will remove it. We are just sorting through the non-Kaseya related spam vs Kaseya-related post and approving them.

  • You've been labeled

  • I regularly get moderated also. Eventually the posts are released (usually within 24 hours) but it is somewhat annoying to run into this sort of thing repeatedly. I suppose it'a a limitation of the forum software.

  • Hi Craig. I do understand the need for a moderated forum both to keep the spammers out and to help ensure posts remain reasonably respectful. But, as you say, it is irritating to have so many posts automatically and blindly moderated for no apparent reason. I'm sure it's a function of the forum software but I note that Kaseya appears to be using a "Telligent" forum product and looking at the support FAQs I see many options dealing with moderation. Barring an easy solution I'm sure they must also be able to contact support for assistance. This is not a new issue and not a super high priority, but again, it's one that seems to be ignored, near as I can tell. Maybe they need to contact "Telligent" and submit a "Product Enhancement Request"?   :-)

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  • Maybe kaseya could switch to using a different forum software like vbulletin or something that offers better spam control and moderation?

  •  We've been looking at ways to improve the forum and community experience for everyone. Also based off of the survey below, we are looking for ways to implement the ideas provided by the community. Of course, and to your point, one of the items is indeed the spam control and moderation.


  • This is not a new issue. Here's the first post from more than a year ago in a very brief search:


    It honestly can't be that difficult to find a solution.

  •  I agree, and I don't think we are saying it's just recently showed up. What we don't want to do is hastily find a solution, find out it's bad, and make people upset. That wouldn't be fun now, would it? ;)

    Regarding our current solution, we've been actively looking at fixing it in the short-term. You, Craig, Eric, and others shouldn't need to be "moderated" the way the system is currently built.

  • What!!!?? I can't imagine anyone here being upset...   :-)  I do thank you for your time on this particular issue.