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Backup Exec Plugin 1.2

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We have installed the plugin , and it seems to be working, although we not able to run any of the scripts uner the system folder that are included with the plugin.

We keep receiving an error that the "Agent procedure could not be run because it is either not signed or not approved".

We have approved all pending scripts, of which these were not available for approval.

A call has been logged with Kaseya, who manually approved all the scripts using some sql commands, with no success.

We also logged a call with Symantec, who thus far are unable to assist either.

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  • Reach out to Linda Schnell <Linda_Schnell@symantec.com>.  She has direct connections to the development team.  The standard support team at Symantec doesn't have a clue about this.

  • Thanks Mike, I have emailed her, hopefully she can assist.

  • anyway, I suppose the plugin's backup exec and endpoint protection have to be removed in order to do the R9 migration.


  • I had the same issue, ended up working it out.

    If you navigate to "Symantec Backup Exec" module -> Discovery ->  Discovered Machines

    There is a blue note in the the centre of the panel requesting you to approve scripts with a link to execute the task.

    "There are unapproved agent procedures used by the plugin. Approve these procedures by clicking  here"

    There are unapproved agent procedures used by the plugin. Approve these procedures by clicking here
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  • is the Backup Exec module 1.2 kaseya 9 and 9.1 compatible ?

  • This article support.symantec.com/.../article.TECH172294.html says

    For Kaseya Server versions 6.3, 6.5, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 (compatible with Backup Exec 15, 2014, and 2012)

    Symantec Backup Exec Management Plug-in 1.2 for Kaseya.exe (10,714.31 KB)

  • link seems to be broken

  • Click the Attachments link in the box at the top right of the article.

    I've let the folks at Symantec know about the broken link, but had no response.