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8.0 Webinar

  • So what does everyone think of the 8.0 webinar today?

  • I didn't get a chance to watch but what did you think?

  • The R8 stuff was pretty quick. I"m glad to see logging/features added to KRC. Much of the webinar focused on other Kaseya products, not included with VSA. I know it's been said on this forum many times, but, it's true, I find it alarming that we pay so much money into Kaseya maintenance, and these features are not included in the core offering. I wish I had recorded the conversation I had with my sales rep when he sold me kaseya, and how awesome paying for maintenance is. i.e .all upgrades, future releases, new features, etc. Instead of getting new features, they are new products, payed for separately. I'm underwhelmed.

    I noticed that the words "compliance" and "change management" were spoken several times. This reminds me of SOX. Is Kaseya switching it's user base from SMB customers to Enterprise/Corporate? 

    On the lighter side, maybe Kaseya will change their name to Kundalani. Wink 

  • hahaha...thats was really funny.

    For those who missed the R8 webinar, here it is:


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  • I'm looking forward to the improvements to KRC in R8. IMHO, R8 is really where R7 should have been on day 1....

  • Watched the webinar today, Where can I find the r8 release notes?

  • The R8 release notes are available here:


  • Varun, what is the status of KDB?

    I see that there have been no bug fixes no changes what so ever for it in R8?