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Data extraction to SQL

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The powers that be have requested that we extract statistics from Kaseya Monitor into a SQL database so we can project the required results onto a fancy dashboard. I'm thinking he wants pie charts / bar graphs etc

For example they want a daily pie chart displaying the uptime / downtime of our server estate for the past 30-90 days and the same for the uptime / downtime of our remote sites.

I know I can do reports from within Kaseya but not Pie Charts that I am aware.

Can anyone advise?



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  • There's no easy way of talking SQL to KNM that I'm aware of (KNM uses a proprietary database), although I remember a chap in the Q2 Corporate Roadmap saying that better report integration (into the Info Center at least) is coming in the next release or two.

    But if anyone does have a way to do this I'd also be very interested in knowing, as it'd be extremely useful for us too.

  • KNM or KNMi 7?

  • Have a look at BrightGauge...

  • Flavio, I believe it is KNM 5.

  • HardKnox, that looks like an ideal piece of software for this but I think they just want to extract the information and put it into SQL to create their own Dashboard rather than spend money on more software. I will suggest it thought as it looks a very good option to me. Thanks :)

  • If you're into roll your own, check out my NOC system....  see community.kaseya.com/.../17555.aspx and download the latest build from github.com/.../Kaseya-NOC