Kaseya Community

Congratulations! You've helped build such a vibrant community we're up for an award!

  • Our Kaseya Connections community has been named semi-finalist in 2 categories for Constellation Research's SuperNova awards. The semi-finalists were chosen by a panel of industry experts and the finalists will be chosen 70% public votes and 30% judges votes. 

    Winning this award would be a nice recognition for you, our fantastic community members! We are nominated in 2 categories in the Future of Work and Next Generation Customer Experience categories. 

    To read more about the award: http://constellationrg.com/events/supernova-awards-2012-sna12

    To vote go to this page and find us under categories 5 and 6:http://constellationrg.com/cast-your-vote-2012-supernova-awards

    Special thanks to all of you who are in here day in and day out. Your presence makes a difference for our customers! 

  • I want a Kaseya t shirt. I voted. :p

  • Thanks Dantheman!  

  • Voted!

  • Many thanks!

  • I second Dantheman's request!!

    Also voted and of course I want a T-shirt ;-)

  • I voted and it took 20 seconds for which I want a $20 t-shirt.

    That's $3600 an hour. I'm in the wrong game!

  • I'm just saying there could be a Kaseya store with coffee mugs, shirts, and other lovely items for us to show our true support :D

  • So - cancel my early retirement next month then?