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Am I non-constructive and unfairly critical of Kaseya?

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So I got a call from somebody who I will not name @Kaseya today who is not happy with the “non-constructive criticism” that I have been voicing in my support tickets, webinar questions and forum posts.

If this is the case I want to change that as I don't like being negative as it can cause issues. My personal opinion is that he might be a little biased since he is a Kaseya employee/staff member however in the interest open mindedness to all the non-Kaseya employee community members only who care to share their honest opinion I will ask;

Q) In general are my community forums posts and responses non-constructive and unfairly critical of Kaseya?

If the answer is yes to the majority of feedback then I will seriously consider to moderate all my future post and responses. If the answer is no to the majority of feedback then I will continue on as normal.

I will also ask you guys to keep it clean as I don't want cause a problem I just want honest feedback

Thanks for your time in advance.

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  • If we answer in the positive we run the risk of a phonecall from the kneecappers at Kaseya and if we answer in the negative then we run the risk of alienating a valuable and respected contributor to this forum.

    So, forget it...   Big Smile

  • I've had a similar tap on the shoulder... I think its great to have these open forums and hear the negitive aspects. Kaseya Sales tell you everything positive, and you need to hear that balance. When I read negitive comments on the forums I don't suddenly decide I'm not going to use Kaseya. Nothing is perfect and if this forum area was all positive then I wouldn't trust it. As long as your not constantly repeating yourself then I think any criticism is good. If I see a negitive criticism and I agree then I add to the post in agreement. If enough people criticise the same thing then then surely that helps kaseya to see where the communities pain is... My guess was that Kaseya made Polic Management free due to complaints...

  • At the end of the day if Kaseya doesnt hear negative comments about its product it would think it is doing a 'fantastic' job and would eventually explode on its own opinion of itself.

    Negative opinions are needed in an open forum, it prevents despotism.

  • Do not ever change, i know i have been quiet around here for a while but im coming back soon i promise. I'd be tempted to move to a different platform should you change your tact, it is as good as censorship. There is a good reason why i come to the forums and it is because people like you have answers in advance of Kaseya support.

    I am the opposite end of the Kaseya spectrum where i go in and defend them a lot, and i too have been spoken to but it was a thank you call not a hold off call.

    Like Roba said, if they don't hear negative comments the company will never progress. Keep the good work mate.

    In all seriousness, forward your feedback to Gerald Blackie - hell if we all send him an email independantly voicing our concern of your treatment im sure he'd "whip the person into line" If i was a CEO and heard that rubbish happening i'd want blood plain and simple.

    Cheers Mark.

  • @HardKnoX  - The only way to improve Kaseya's products is to voice positive and negative feedback.  Everyone has their own viewpoints and use Kaseya's products in different ways with different experiences thus it is constructive to hear the negative feedback from other members as we can all benefit from knowing the existing issues and possible workarounds if any.

  • I too think the software has a lot of room for improvement and hope that's what my maintenance is going towards.  While it has certainly made my job (internal IT) easier I can't help but feel that there are better products out there.

    Deadlines are routinely missed yet there are often large bugs/shortcomings following releases.  I'm glad to see more activity on the forums.  I generally see that as a sign that more users have the product so hopefully the Kaseya staff (not sales but programming) is growing to step up to the plate.

  • I wouldn't change anything about the way you post. Kaseya has a consistent history of having a huge amount of bugs in their first release software, or it's missing common sense features that any logical person would assume would be there from day 1 (alerts in KAV anyone?). If they don't like hearing about those things on this forum, they either need to shut it down or change their development/testing process, not single out individual posters and give them a hard time.

    I've been fairly critical of Kaseya at times on here, but it's all been completely justified in my opinion, and I also feel I contribute to other threads helping people out. If anyone from Kaseya ever calls me like they did you, they'll get an earful on the phone and I'll probably start returning the Labtech salesguy's calls that I receive frequently.

  • Good morning HardKnoX,

    When I first read the subect line my first thought is HardKnoX must of wrote it. So the impression I get from you is you definitely like to hold Kaseya's feet to the fire. And you have no problem complaining about it, or asking for it.  In other words, you have a vocal type personality.

    Is this a bad thing? No. Because K is receiving valuable communications from you. They do not have to agree with everything you say (exactly how we treat our clients), but I'm willing to bet they do listen to a good bit of it.

    My thoughts.

  • keep it up! We are the customers, which provide for the daily bread

  • I've gotten that call too, so I sympathize. When I see any posts like that, I figure it's like a heated argument with my spouse. If I didn't care I wouldn't get so emotional. Kaseya is an awesome tool, but it's not perfect. It does so much to make my life easier that I've gotten really attached to it. So when it let's me down, it's hardf not to get really angry. But if I wasn't so attached to it I'd just say, "I'm outta here." That what I did with my *previous* MSP product. But it was doing such a poor job across the board that it was easy to divorce myself from it. Kaseya has issues, but it's not bad enough to start fighting over custody of the kids.

    I think Kaseya just needs to keep this perspective in mind. Sometimes we need to vent and commiserate with other users. They need to just listen to the criticism, decide what they will address and let us know. And tell us what they won't address too! Unless they are losing customers in droves, they should quietly allow the criticism. And if they are losing customers in droves, then they should encourage more, digest it, and improve the product.

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  • I love the Kaseya product and have used it for nearly 5 years now, I don't have any plans to move to another provider or wish to in the future,  I also don't post on this forum very often but I read them a few times every single day and find them really useful.

    However I do feel people should be able to speak freely in these forums,  the main reason why I don't vent my anger on these forums very often is I now stay between 9 and 12 months behind Kaseya's release dates for their core product\add-on modules to avoid problems with bugs and missing features.

    I'm a techy and I love looking at new versions and add-on modules but I have to retain myself from installing them or spending of my money or limited available time on them as I will be disappointed with the bugs and missing key features and would be posting on this forum every day pushing for fixes and missing basic features.

    Its not for me to change the way Kaseya do things but I honestly think by giving much later release dates which they can comfortably archive, much more longer testing phases, not releasing products until they contain all the basic and required features would reduce the amount of complaints on this forum and people would be allot more happy with their investments.

    I appreciate all new software will have bugs but LC not allowing everyone to view the event logs errors for months in 6.1 should be picked up in basic testing really and KAV shouldn't have even been released without a server version in my opinion and should of delayed release for as long as required. I'm not in a hurry to see or spend time on add-on modules which are 60% the finished product and would prefer to wait until they are complete and worth my investment.

    Again I don't wish to have a go at Kaseya I just want them to learn and improve the way they do things, we all make mistakes and learn from them and I think this forum helps them learn which will make them an even more successful company in the future.

  • I think of when my customers call me and complain about something not working.  If they take the attitude they want it fixed and want to work with me I'll bend over backwards to help them.  I'll also discuss options with them to ensure it never happens again.

    If they just want to criticise and bend my ear, help is less forthcoming.

    These forums are all about us solving problems with Kaseya together.  It doesn't mean lowering your standards or expectation but you should try to work WITH Kaseya to solve them instead of blaming them for something not working.

    Mind you, I don't think Kaseya would ever want to have a similar conversation with me.  No surer way of getting me offside than by trying to shut me down. :-)

  • Thanks all for your comments, don't worry I won't stop posting :)

    @Brendan Cosgrove I agree with you that tone can be a difficult aspect in writing to interpret . I suspect that not everybody is able to read the intended tone either and in some cases might even misread a joke or an attempt at humor, a statement of fact and frustration as something other then what it was intended to be.

    So far I have not yet seen any proper written concern that is not negative in tone and I'm sure if there are any they have or won't be taken seriously. So until Kaseya people can proactively deal with these issues before they become their customer's concerns I see no real alternative solution then to continue posting negative feed back when something of concern occurs.

    So I will get back to the question;

    Q) In general are my community forums posts and responses non-constructive and unfairly critical of Kaseya?

    If I read the responses correctly I would say the answer is No and that negative feedback is a constructive part of the process as it communicates a different point of view that might not have been thought of by the people working at Kaseya.

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  • Answer to your question:  In general, no.  Keep on doing what you're doing.  Fight the power!  :)