I did the certification a little while back as well. I think your overdoing the difficulty of it.

I started the course after about a month of working with kaseya (I joined a company using it for about a year). I found it to be helpful because i barely knew anything when i started with the certification and it taught me a good amount for a beginner. I didnt do the test right away because i was busy with other things but when i took it i passed on the second try (i leave myself enough time the first time even thought it says x hours).

A few notes about it:

1. I dont think a lot of lab time is required. I got a large package and didnt use much (less than half) even with completed all the exercises.

2. One downside it that our company uses a lot of the kaseya modules which aren't offered in the certification (KES, KAM, BuDR, etc.) which arent taught in the certification. Also some of the exercises are a good start but dont get into enought depth.

- Although i said some bad things about it but overall it was a good help to get me started with kaseya.