Join this webinar and hear from Jez Draper, Director at the MSP 8020, why he deployed the Kaseya IT automation solution. We will explore what 8020's business challenges were, what they did to solve them and what benefits 8020 can now offer its customers. Register today and hear 8020's success story.

Jez established 8020 to change the way IT Service Management (ITSM) was traditionally delivered, helping its customers to ensure they were receiving consistent value for money. The company required a streamlined solution which would enable IT engineers to monitor its customers' IT systems on an on-going basis, helping to improve the running of business IT infrastructures while keeping costs to a minimum.

Kaseya allows 8020 to perform highly-repeatable, best practice IT management from an integrated, single pane of glass interface, enabling the MSP to fix any problems that might arise or perform any maintenance without any down time for the end customers. As a result, 8020 can take on clients' semi-unreliable existing IT infrastructures, conduct a thorough 'on-board process' and begin to proactively tackle IT issues rather than resorting to fire fighting when major problems arise.

About 8020:

Since its launch, 8020 has focused on building a solid reputation in the UK as a reliable and trustworthy Managed Service Provider (MSP) to its rapidly growing customer base. 8020 is dedicated to delivering service excellence through the provision of best in class technologies, helping its customers to get the most from their chosen solutions. 8020 has continued to grow steadily in recent years and currently supports around 500 agents and 65 end-user servers. The MSP is anticipating a further 50% growth over the next 12 months.