Know How To Backup Google Apps Mail To PST

Google Apps comprise of your day-to-day emails and it is obvious that these emails hold huge importance. We know that you too realize this fact that it is decisive to keep a local backup of all your emails to access them anytime according to your convenience. Google Apps Gmail to PST file is a better option because you can access this PST file using MS Outlook in offline mode too. Moreover this data will be safe with you even if Google is surrounded with trouble and encountering some issue.

Beware Of Google Outage!

No wonder Google is surrounded with questions again where users are demanding answers for their server downtime. This has happened lot of times before and now also many users faced a Google server downtime where users were unable to access their Google Apps account. Many of previous mishaps led to deletion of important emails and accounts and some misfortune users lost their crucial emails. Al though Google retrieved all the lost data back to users, but it is still risky. What if this happens again? What is you are amongst those misfortune people and Google becomes irresponsible to such matters?

Well loss will be all yours and no one else going to pay for your loss. So why don't you prepare yourself for such agony? Why don't you opt to download Google Apps mail to PST file? This will serve you in two ways:

  • This will provide you a secure backup and let you access when Google is distressed with issues.
  • You will be able to access your Google Apps emails anytime you want even if disconnected from Internet.

Fundamental Features of Google Apps backup tool!

Google Apps backup tool lets you to extract all the emails maintaining the structure of original label. In addition to this you are provided three options of downloading the data; “Single User”, “Multiple User” and “Import from Server”. You can download data on one or more than one Google Apps account providing the necessary credentials. Our tool is devised to download other elements of Google apps email account such as contacts, calendars, documents, etc and hence is an all-rounder tool.

So what are you waiting for? You can immediately download this tool’s free version and check for its performance, once satisfied with the product you can purchase the full version of Google Apps Backup tool and get a permanent backup of Google Apps mail to PST.

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