I'm happy to announce the first public availability of pytraverse a Python library that provides interfaces to the Traverse BVE, ISM and EDF APIs. This library can be considered a Python version of the Perl modules that ship with the Traverse product. It's intended for users who are more comfortable with Python or may have existing infrastructure written in Python that they want to integrate with Traverse.

This initial 0.1.0 release has been tested in a development environment only so should be considered an alpha release. Volunteers for beta testing and any feedback, bug reports or feature requests are welcome. You can contact me directly via email or through the forum for now. If there is enough interest to warrant it I may move this to a project hosting site and provide a mailing list in the future.

The distribution ships with the standard setup.py distutils script and is pure Python, so no compiler is necessary to install. Also included is a test script with unit tests (tests/test_pytraverse.py) for automated testing. Note that you must edit the test server address and user/pass before running the test suite. Documentation is solely via detailed docstrings right now. Ideally future updates will include proper documentation, some demo scripts, and possibly a quick start guide to get users off to a running start.

Direct download link: http://jayloden.com/pytraverse-0.1.2.tar.gz