This is a sample plug-in action that can be used to restart a Windows service on a monitored (Windows) server. In order to use this script:

a. Extract the contents of the attached ZIP archive under Traverse installation directory. This will create two new files under TRAVERSE_HOME\plugin\actions directory.

b. Edit plugin\actions\restart_service.cmd to provide valid username (in DOMAIN\login format) and password that has administrative rights on the monitored servers.

c. Download PsTools from and place "psservice.exe" from the archive under TRAVERSE_HOME\bin directory. Execute "bin\psservice /?" from a command window at least once to acknowledge the EULA.

d. Restart the "Data Gathering Engine" and "Web Application" components using Traverse Service Controller to load the new action item. 

Now when you create/update an action profile via Administration -> Action, you should see "SCRIPT: Restart Windows Service" as a new option. You should provide the (short) service name to restart in the recipient field. For example, to restart the "Print Spooler" service, you would use the short name "spooler". 

This plug-in action is only applicable for a DGE running on Windows. Standard corporate disclaimer applicable.