You can use SSH as an alternate mechanism for collecting metrics from Linux/Solaris/AIX/other Unix servers. I am attaching a generic plug-in plug-in monitor that can be used to execute arbitrary commands on a remote server. 

In order to use this script:

  • Extract the contents of the attached archive directly under Traverse installation directory and restart the Web Application and Data Gathering Engine components. If there are multiple Traverse servers, this should be performed on all BVE/DGE servers.
  • If Traverse (DGE) is installed on Linux, it will be necessary to install IPC::Run3 Perl module using following command:


yum install perl-IPC-Run3

  • The plug-in will appear as a new "sshcmd" monitor under Administration -> Devices -> Tests -> Create New Standard Tests
  • On the next screen, provide a valid login ID and password as well as a command that will yield a numerical result. For example, in the attached screenshot, the command to look for number of "sendmail" process is:


ps augxww | grep -v | grep -c sendmail

Standard disclaimer applicable.