Traverse has a distributed architecture, and the MySQL database on the DGE only has performance/event data. Furthermore, there may be more than one DGE (and more than one MySQL database), requiring data to be correlated. For this reason, Traverse exposes data through the BVE FlexAPI. The API takes care of combining information from multiple different sources.

The BVE FlexAPI is documented in the Developers Guide that may be downloaded at In Release 5.5, Chapter 1 'BVE FlexAPI Protocol Reference' discusses the core API and Chapter 3 'Traverse Perl API' goes over programmatic access to the same using Perl. It is possible to build libraries in other programming/scripting languages (such as C# for instance) that use the core FlexAPI and allow the programmer a high level language access to the functionality. For instance, here is a contribution from a reader with a python library -

You may also review a short 30 minute webinar on the API here - - look for '7. Integration APIs and Plug-ins'. (Customer portal access required).

Additional material is regularly posted in our documentation, forums and webinars, so please make sure to look for updated material.