This is a basic plug-in monitor that can be used to monitor the results of a Windows scheduled task on a remote Windows server. You will provide the name of the scheduled task to be monitored, and the account and password to access the remote server. It is assumed that these credentials are sufficient for the schtasks command ( to be invoked from the Traverse DGE.

In order to run this script, extract the contents of the attached zip directly under Traverse installation directory and reload the configuration (by logging in as the superuser account and navigating to Superuser --> Health --> left click the gear icon one at a time for the BVE and DGEs --> Reload Config files). Check 'scheduled_task and click Add Tests. The plug-in will appear as a new "scheduled_task" monitor under Administration --> Devices -> Tests --> Create New Standard Tests --> 'Create new tests by selecting specific monitors'. On the next screen, check the box before the test name, modify the test name as appropriate, and provide the name of the scheduled task and the user credentials. Complete the test creation wizard.

The results may be seen by navigating to Status --> Devices and clicking the device to list all device tests.

Standard corporate disclaimer applicable.

Known Limitations:
* Must be a Windows DGE or DGE Extension
* The last run result is displayed
* To get additional information such as date/time when the task was last run, the accompanying xml and script must be updated.