I am sharing a Kaseya Network Monitor template for the Ecessa "Waas" 175 WAN optimizer device. I exported this from KNM v5 so if you're using an earlier version the template may not work.

I've had it in a test lab now for a while and it puts a number of nice features into a single package (WAN failover/QoS/Netflow/firewall/native statistic tracking/lots more). 

Some screenshots below...

KNM set:

Ecessa web interface:

Graphs of application layer bandwidth among other things, right from the Ecessa interface:

To import the template, just click the 'K' logo in KNM, select Device Templates, then import:

To apply the template, select your discovered Ecessa device, then click Apply Template:

Select the Ecessa template from the list:

You'll see all the objects applied from the template to your device. All done!