KB#:  KKB000269


Why are there performance degradation issues reported on endpoints after installing Kaseya Endpoint Security?

Check the following: -

1) Check minimum hardware requirements (Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz or faster processor, 512 MB of RAM)

2) Make sure that no conflicting application is installed:
- any other anti-malware software
- any of applications listed in AVG FAQ #2671: AVG 9.0 - conflicting applications

3) Depending on the disk size and files number, please wait up to about 2 days since installation until caching used by v9.0 is finished; as soon as AVG scan optimization is finished, the CPU usage should be significantly decreased

4) Create exclusions for any folders containing files which could cause high CPU usage by Resident Shield, for example:
- database files
- configuration .ini files which are changed frequently (e.g. hundreds time a second ??? then AVG RS tries to access such file that often as well)

5) make sure that:
- not running avg Full scans during business hours
- not running audits during business hours  (avg resident shield will scan)
- not runnint patch scans during business hours  (avg resident shiled will scan)



If the above steps do not help resolve the issue, please get following information: -

- which processes (both AVG and non-AVG) use most CPU
- if there are any other security applications installed and if their temporary disabling helps
- if temporary disabling of any AVG component helps
- enable RS and core debug logging with this tool - http://www.avg.com/filedir/util/support/rsdbg9_en.exe
- induce the situation and collect AVG diagnostics as described in KB article #311400



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