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How do I install KES / AVG on a terminal server / Citrix server? Are there any special or optimized settings required?



When installing AVG on a Terminal Server, it is generally not needed to proceed differently than on workstations. There is only one component in AVG which will run separately for each user - the AVG Tray application - and its effect on the system performance is minimal even when running in multiple instances. However, in case there are some other server applications running on the Terminal Server, it is recommended not to install certain AVG components as described below. To check which components will be installed, click on the "Installation Options" button on the Security > Configure > Install/Remove page. Ensure that any unwanted components are de-selected before proceeding with the installation.

Web Shield
This component affects all HTTP, HTTPS and PROXY communication, since it scans communication on all respective ports/sockets. If there is a web server, proxy server or ISA server running on the Terminal Server, please install KES without the Web Shield component. Please note, Citrix servers have their own web application and we have had reports in the past that Web Shield breaks this application.

E-mail Scanner
The Personal E-mail Scanner captures and scans all communication on ports 110 and 25 (POP3 and SMTP) by default. In case there is a POP3/SMTP E-mail Server installed on the Terminal Server (or any other application communicating on these ports), it is recommended to not to install this component.

AVG Firewall was not designed for the server's solutions same as the components mentioned above. Please do not install this component.

Enable end user directory scans
De-select this in the installation options if you wish to prevent end-users from initiating directory scans from Explorer.



If a component has already been installed which is not wanted, de-select it in the installation options and install KES again. This will remove any components other than those which are currently selected.



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