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  • I am unable to find KB4345425 in patch management anywhere even with a manual search of all patches. Can anyone else find this in Kaseya?

  • I do not see it in my list...

  • Anyone from Kaseya care to chime in?

  • Based on support.microsoft.com/.../improvements-and-fixes-windows-server-2012 it looks like Microsoft didn't release this through Microsoft Update, therefore any amounts of 'online' scans you perform won't show it. Try forcing an agent to run an offline scan - it may be detected that way but even then it will only show as applicable to endpoints where you've run an offline scan.

    In any case it looks like that update has been superseded by the 2018-08, 2018-09 and 2018-10 security monthly rollups, so is there a particular reason you need that exact update?