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What is the difference between these?

  • We are using SaaS/VSA:

    Patch Management - Patch Policy - Approval by Policy

    We push all patches through Kaseya, denying Windows Auto-update everywhere.

    Occasionally we get what appear to be two *almost-identical-but-not-quite-by-a-few-KB* patches under the same KB number. These aren't 32-bit vs. 64-bit or Internet-only vs. not: these are identical in every way but for a slight size difference. Even the dates are the same, and they are minutes apart in time.

    See screen shots, above (these are for KB4462923).

    Has anyone seen these? Should I select both? What will happen if I do that? Or should I throw a dart at one at random and pick that? What is the downside of doing that?


  • The update identifiers and the Location IDs are different as well ... So they must be for slightly different versions of Win 7, perhaps one is for Win 7 with a specific service pack and the other for without?

  • Gonna step out on a limb here and say, based on the Update Identifier, one is a generic update and the other is region/LOCALE specific, otherwise they are identical. The "1033" is the standard locale code for "US English". "200" doesn't show up in the Microsoft Locale chart that I checked, so guessing here that it's region-agnostic. The small difference in region-specific data would nicely account for the 30KB difference in size.

    My experience with updates has been that the more-specific update will usually be applied. If you want to sleep better at night, download both to a test system, deploy the "1033" version first, then the other and see if it rejects the second install as "already applied".

    Again - just a somewhat educated guess.