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Install KES locally

  • Hi,

    How do I install KES locally for a customer, can I download a file and then it will appear in Security under Kaseya?

    The reason for this is because one of our customers lives in the middle of nowhere and has a 300kb download. Pushing KES out kills there internet access so I need to come up with another option.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


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  • Hi Craig,

    I don't know if this will work but you should be able to get the license number from an excisting KES installation. With this license number you should be able to download and install AVG i asume. I was able to fill in the license number on the supportcenter on the AVG site and following that I was able to download the installation software. Haven't tested it but it's worth trying.


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  • Find the file "avgInstall.Exe" on your server. Burn it to a CD and mail it to him.

    The file must appear in exactly the correct location for this to work.

    #vAgentConfiguration.AgentTempDir# can be checked by looking at Agent --> Configure Agents --> Temp Directory.

    Or, more often, C:\temp\kes\avgInstall.pkg.

    Just rename .exe to .pkg. Best to do that before you burn the CD, and maybe make a real quick vbscript or batch file to copy the file to the right spot, and even go so far as to make an autorun file to call the script if you feel daring.

    If that file is in the correct location when you try to push, it will recognize it and rename/install without the download.

    I've got a script that's used to pre-load this file for migrating clients to KES, that can be safely run before scrubbing the old AV. All it does is write the file. For your reference (you're basically going to use a CD to do this):

    Script Name: Pre-load KES installer
    Script Description: Pre-loads the AVG installer to the required location.

    IF True
    Write File
    Parameter 1 : #vAgentConfiguration.AgentTempDir#/kes/avgInstall.pkg
    Parameter 2 : VSASharedFiles\avgInstall.Exe
    OS Type : 0

    Of course, if performance is the only problem, you could just import this script and run it when he leaves the computer on for you overnight.

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  • As long as you use *any* version of AVG9, you can download it and install it onto a machine. Get installers from AVG directly if that is easier


    If you are on K2, we have a "verify" command on the install/remove page that will then just hook it up to Kaseya for management.


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  • Jeff,

    Do you know or can we get some Command line options for installing AVG free on machines?

    This way to can have a silent install on some machines and then all we have to do is run a verify and it will pick up the install.

    This would help so much in my network and maybe many others so that we can put the AVG install in a login script or GPO and then run a maintenance task pushing the verify.

    Joel Garrison

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