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avgcsrvx.exe Sustained High CPU

  • In the last few days our Kaseya Server itself has slowed to the point of timeout issues connecting to VSA, even from the server itself.

    Task Manager shows a sustained high cpu utilization for AVGCSRVX.EXE.

    I'm fairly new to the product and this is the first time I have been unable to access management site, even after a server reboot.

    Any ideas?


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  • Sounds like avg is putting a lot of load on your server.
    If you are running KES then you may be able to trim the extra fat that AVG can add to the antivirus package. You can disable link scanning, office addins...etc.

    But first I would confirm it is AVG that is causing the probes.
    Have a look in the VSA and goto System screen and look at the statistics page.
    This will give you an idea on how hard kaseya application is running, what agent procedures are loading you up, or even if your problem is excessive network traffic from your Kserver (I found this one myself)

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  • Fortunately this morning I was able to login to the VSA tool...

    This is what came up:
    Agents currently online 163
    Total Licenses Used 259
    Total Template Accounts 20
    Total machine IDs 279

    KServer CPU usage last 5 minutes 1.5%
    long term average 1.4%
    Total System CPU usage last 5 minutes 28.3%
    long term average 26.1%
    Remote Control Sessions - none
    Pending Alerts 0
    Pending Patch Scan Results 0

    Doesn't appear to be a heavy load. Kaseya is the only thing installed on this server. I will next try and see if I can find any consistency in the time frame that this occurs.

    Thanks so much for your reply!!!

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