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  • Hello,

    We are thinking to use this antivirus, we will use Kaseya for silent install, but my question is:

    Within Security>Protection>Schedule Scan or Manual Update

    automatically uses AVG , is there the possibility I could do the same with NOD32?
    Or it means that I will practically "lose" my KES module in Kaseya because I will not use it anymore for antivirus management?

    I am sorry if this question is too basic, but I am looking forward to know more about Kaseya so I could contribute more to this forum.

    Thank you,

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  • Anything on the Security tab will only use AVG for now. There is a new version coming out that will give you the option to use Kaspersky as well. If you want to manage NOD32, you will have to do it all with procedures (scripts).

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  • Thank you Cris,

    yes, I confirm with Kaseya they are working with the beta version for Kaspersky, so I will need to use the scripts, I really like the security module in Kaseya or at least have the antivirus solution integrated with Kaseya.


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