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Update Errors

  • I am constantly seeing alarms come in with the following error:

    %machineid% failed executing agent procedure "KES Update AVG via LAN" on 2010-06-29 08:14:47Z Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 2 Check the machine''s Agent Procedure log for additional details.

    The machines agent procedure log has the following:

    FAILED in processing THEN step 2, Get Variable, with error Invalid number of fields or tuples

    This is happening on a fair few machines; to start with the error had been occuring on machines that were still running the older versions of the KAgent after we had upgraded to K2; but now it seems more rampant after all machine updated to the newer version.

    Can anyone help in identifying what this means? Or what I can do to fix it?



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  • Did you ever come up with a solution ? i am having the same problem.

  • I guess it's time to bump this, since we just had a massive number of agents do this on 8-5-2012 early in the AM, and then succeed since!

    I have opened a ticket with K support asking for a followup and countermeasure.

  • Wow, still seeing this - it'll happen on one "cycle" where I get the failure, then the next time it tries it succeeds.  It really doesn't seem like it's anything on the agent/endpoint, it seems like a wacky database issue.  Their response was "Upgrade to KES 2.2" which I did, and the issue wasn't back *immediately* so that ticket got closed.  I guess I'll be opening a new one though, or just living with the issue until we make the big jump up to K6.3 and KES 2.3 as well.  Yay fun