I've noticed on one of our client's servers (Windows 2008 R2) that the "KasAVSrv.exe *32" Process is generating a extremely high number of page faults. The server in question has been running without reboot for 6 days (as of this post) and "KasAVSrv.exe *32" process has generated 3,599,324,894 page faults. The next closest process has generated 45,519,665 page faults meaning "KasAVSrv.exe *32" has generated 3,553,805,229 (3+ Billion) more page faults than the next closest process.  This was discovered after pages/sec alarms were being generated with extremely high numbers...

There is mention of this issue on older versions of KES on the Old Kaseya Forums but nothing since then (02/2009).

Does anyone have any information regarding this issue?