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Licensing SQL

  • We are missing a good report on the licensing data for machines expiring soon... You can go to the extend/return page and filter on machines expiring in the next 30 days...but it doesn't really help you count up machines.

    in the meantime, you can use this sql query to get out the licenses that are going to expire soon.

    SELECT mt.displayname, mt.groupname, CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), DATEADD(yy,1,avs.eventtime), 101 ) "Expire Date", AutoExtendLicense
    from machnametab mt inner join avfeature avf ON mt.agentguid = avf.agentguid
    LEFT OUTER JOIN avsigdata avs ON avs.signum = mt.agentguid
    WHERE avs.eventtime > DATEADD(yy,-1,GETDATE()) AND avs.sigstatus = 1

    /*Change the days to look for here - change the number of days you are looking for*/
    AND avs.eventtime > DATEADD(dd, -30, GETDATE())
    /* End change area */

    Order by groupname
    COMPUTE Count(mt.displayname) By mt.groupname

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  • Thanks Jeff

    Does that mean that you plan to ship a set of License reports at somepoint?

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  • Yes, we'll do a lot for reporting. The report engine has gone through a lot of changes and we have a lot of plans for it. The current work is to get the first milestone of KAV3 out which is happening now.


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    Legacy Posted By Username: Jeff.Keyes