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AVG 9 breaking Office on Citrix

  • Servers were on 8.5 and were automagically upgraded to 9.0. 9.0.819 271.1.1/2859 [KES] specifically.

    The following day, Word takes over a minute to open. Outlook tries to use Word as an editor and takes 45 seconds and then complains about Word not opening.

    I attempted to disable everything I could via the AVG control panel and the issue continued. Users then started receiving Word/Outlook safemode prompts.

    I ended up performing a re-install _without_ the Office add-in.

    The first time, some of the Citrix servers were infact missing patches, I manually upgraded the servers and WindowsUpdate shows all is happy and well with the world. The second time, I even made sure the servers were in install mode before AVG was installed.

    Anyone have any ideas on what could be happening here?

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  • I've had the same issue - didn't really troubleshoot, just disabled the Office plugin. Not ideal, but better than burning bucketloads of time on the problem.

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  • We just got new advice from AVG on the office plug - don't use it as its been deprecated. You won't likely see it in AVG10.


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